(performative installation, variable length around 30 minutes)

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There’s a fluid enveloping and connecting all the organs within each of our bodies.
There’s also fluid enveloping and connecting all the bodies within the space we live in.

Sound expands in all directions, bouncing and being absorbed by everything it encounters on its ways, filling the room, traversing bodies, touching and being touched by everything in it.
Amplification and feedback can activate the air in the room so that the repetition of this activity is perceivable as tones, and the relations between its paths as harmony.
Interstitium is an instrument and a composition that sonifies these harmonies like a musical organ, discovering, generating and presenting this complexity of relations as chords and rhythms.
It is an immersive experience without a center, an exploration of the room that can be enjoyed more or less actively by the listeners as they please, by staying still in one place, changing it or moving around.

The piece was premiered on June 13th, 2018 at Koncertkirken, Copenhagen

Gianluca Elia _programming, laptop, no-input mixer