(machine tribute to Piero Ciampi, 30')

Released as the seventh number of the series This Tape Machine Destroys Time (MAGIA, 2018)

Part of a research for different ways of traversing recorded music, these pieces take material from one song by Piero Ciampi and tamper with their temporal contiguity. The two sides feature two different processes on the same material, both exposed without further editing or manipulation, and both centered on machine analysis of similarity among small chunks of the song. Similarity is used to change the sequence of "samples" in the original song, thus altering existing sequences and creating new ones, resulting in repetitive and slowly evolving processes.

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Made between Milano and Copenhagen, during the abnormal summer 2018

Gianluca Elia _programming (SuperCollider)
Mastered by Ignacio Cordoba
MAGIA Bandcamp

*** SPOILER ***

Here is how it works:
SIDE A: is based on the loop "l'attesa é sacra, e la diffidenza é necessaria". On every repetition, some tenths of a second of the loop are substituted with the most similar sample in the whole song. Similarity is analyzed by an algorithm, and mostly by pitch.
SIDE B: this time similarity is used productively, starting from a single sample (a tenth of a second) and then appending the most similar samples to it. The process is repeated, including more and more samples, creating a growing loop, where a criterion of similarity substitutes for the the original criterion of time contiguity. During SIDE B the process is acted two times, each with a different starting point.